Difference Between Trackless Train and Track Train

Have you ever visited an amusement park or a villa and you saw some vehicles looking like a train? Well, you must have seen a trackless train or a track train. These are types of equipment that you will find transporting tourists in museums and parks as well as in recreational centers families and kids taking rides. Trackless train and track train are sources of an attraction themselves starting from their designs to their appearances. These are products that require a high level of technology combined with great expertise in order to produce remarkable items.

One of the manufacturers that specialize in that field and has been able to win awards for producing the best in the market is the BESTON company. This is a manufacturer and supplier of large amusement park rides like the bumper cars, carousels, Ferris wheel rides, roller coaster, and a trackless train. Let’s have a deeper look at the trackless train and track train differently.

Kiddie trackless train

Trackless Train

This is a road going articulated vehicle for transporting people in parks, airport, schools, and playgrounds. It is composed of a driving vehicle that pulls several carriages which are connected by drawbar couplings. Additionally, you can find these trains in factories transporting freights. This is simply a train with wheels. It’s easy to drive and operate and is very economical as well as eco-friendly.

Adopting the state of art technologies, Beston group has been able to develop various trackless train models including:


SIZE: 5200 mm×1880 mm×2200 mm
PARAMETERS: 1 locomotive, 2 coaches

MAX SPEED: 30 km/h



CAPACITY: 40 people


SIZE: 5200 mm×1880 mm×2200 mm

PARAMETERS: 1 locomotive, 2 coaches

MAX SPEED: 30 km/h



CAPACITY: 40 people

Types of Trackless Train

– Miniature trackless train

– Retro style vintage trackless train

– Gold court electric trackless train

– Tourist trackless train

– Theme park trackless train

Features of a Trackless Train

– Very attractive designs

– Environmentally friendly

– High quality and durable materials

(2). Track train

This is also referred to as the mini electric train and is composed of tracks. it’s mostly found in amusement parks, theme and carnival parks. A track train is made of beautiful colors which makes it very attractive to many visitors and kids. It also has installed playing music and cartoon paintings. The system contains cars each carrying 2-4 people and exists in various models.

Types of track trains

(a). CIT-ET007 Beston Christmas track train.


SIZE: 5×5m

HEIGHT: 1.2 m

VOLTAGE: 220v/380v

POWER: 0.3 kW

CAPACITY: 7 people

(2). CIT-ET008 MINI kids electric track train

VOLTAGE: 220v/380vPOWER: 0.3 kWCAPACITY: 4 people

(3). CIT-ET009 kIddie electric track train
VOLTAGE: 220v/380v
CAPACITY: 8 people

Features of track trains

It has safety protective nets that are positioned between the carriages thus minimizing any security risk.

It’s well designed with attractive features and to make the ride for fun.

It’s beautifully shaped with amazing carriage and track styles.

This is a new ride for kids.

The length of the tracks can be added.

It’s composed of colorful lights and music at the background.

It’s equipped with a stereo system that allows the train to be managed from a control room .

Trackless trains for sale for kids

Advantages of a trackless train and track train

Trackless train
– It’s part of the tourist attraction and helps people to travel to different places.
– It can integrate into the playground of many attractions
– As a passenger, you are able to view beautiful tourist landscapes
– You are able to enjoy a luxurious and relaxed journey.
– The train has great adaptability
– It’s easy to drive and operate
– It’s equipped with safety devices to ensure the safety of the passengers

Track train
– Low consumption of energy
– Low maintenance cost
-It’s small size thus fits in any recreational center
– Easy to operate

Both the trackless train and track train are:
– well designed with attractive beautiful colors
– They are wonderfully shaped to attract the attention of people
– They are equipped with a background playing music and cartoon paintings
– They are a good investment for business persons since they tend to generate a lot of revenue.

Difference between a trackless train and a track train

– A trackless train consists of wheels that enable it to go to different locations, while a track train follows a fixed and specific path, that is, it’s installed.
– A trackless train is mostly found in malls and tourists destination while a track train https://bestonamusementtrain.com/track-train-for-sale/ is mostly found in the playground for kids, like amusement parks.